Volunteer firefighters use professional car phones

Volunteer firefighters use professional car phones

Injuries or no injuries? When first responders are on the scene and important information is passed back and forth, accuracy is key. pei tel Communications GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of high-quality communication solutions and radio accessories based in the city of Teltow (near Berlin), has now donated two professional car phones from its new PTCarPhone 5 Series to the volunteer fire brigade in the Köppern district of Friedrichsdorf. The devices are distinguished by the ultra-high audio quality of both the handset and the hands-free system.

The section of autobahn number 5 around Frankfurt am Main is one of Germany’s most heavily trafficked roads. On average, more than a hundred thousand vehicles travel this road daily. The Köppern volunteer fire brigade is responsible for the stretch between the Friedberg junction and the town of Bad Homburg. When an accident occurs, these firefighters are usually the first on the scene to provide help. They are always accompanied by the crew transportation vehicle, which the incident commander uses to coordinate the next steps. “If it is a severe accident, for example, further emergency responders need to be called onto the scene as part of the operation,” explains Dennis Rehm, the IT coordinator for the Köppern volunteer fire brigade.

When that happens, there are two communication channels available. The first is a radio system. The second, which was recently installed in the crew transportation vehicle and in a fire engine, is a car phone model from the PTCarPhone 5 Series. “The car phones have significantly better audio quality, so they are used whenever important details or confidential information need to be passed along,” Rehm says. The devices also make it possible to communicate with others who are not part of the fire brigade. “If there is an accident involving a truck, for example, we might need to ask about the load. But we can’t reach the manufacturer via our radio system. The only way to do so is through a normal phone connection,” Rehm explains.

pei tel Communications GmbH first presented the PTCarPhone 5 Series at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in 2014. The devices have a fully overhauled handset with a 2.4-inch color display, convenient four-way navigation, and a clearly organized menu structure. The expanded contacts function can now hold 5,000 entries. Rehm says the car phones are excellently suited to being used by the firefighters: “The devices are easy and intuitive to use. Besides that, the buttons are large enough that you can even use the phone with gloves on,” he says.

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