City of Hamburg Sanitation Department uses classic car phones

City of Hamburg Sanitation Department uses classic car phones

Things may get dirty at times: When the Hamburg Sanitation Department deploys its vehicles to look after the waste disposal in Germany’s second largest city, the availability of robust and reliable technology is a must. This also applies to the means of communication that is used. Hamburg’s sanitation department therefore relies on the classic car phone PTCarPhone 3 from pei tel Communications GmbH. Its most remarkable feature is its robust design while the external antenna makes for excellent reception quality. The car phone also features an effective noise reduction and echo cancellation system, thus making it especially suitable for noisy driver’s cabins.

More than 600,000 tonnes of trash are picked up annually from private households by vehicles owned by Hamburg’s sanitation department. Generally speaking, the process functions quite smoothly: “Our drivers have specific routes, but sometimes there are unexpected delays, for example, due to road closures. At such times, drivers must be able to notify their dispatch centres,” says Thomas Maas, fleet manager with the Hamburg Sanitation Department. To ensure trouble-free communication, car phones were the corporation’s first choice. Some 350 vehicles have built-in devices. In 2011, after a major manufacturer withdrew its services, the City of Hamburg Sanitation Department was faced with having to find a new provider.

In addition to a robust design, simplicity of installation was an important criterion. “It was necessary for our company-owned workshops to be able to take on the labour involved in the conversion,” Maas explains. Continuity was also an important factor for the fleet manager: “We don’t want to have to change providers every year.” To determine which product would be the most suitable, Maas had different models installed for testing purposes. The opinions of the drivers using them were taken into account in the evaluation. After four weeks, the outcome was clear: “The PTCarPhone was the best product. We particularly liked the compact design: solid, but not too massive,” opines Maas. Once the decision was made in favour of the pei tel phones, the installation process was started in the case of replacements and for new equipment being installed. Meanwhile, approximately 170 vehicles have already been equipped with a new model. The plan is to gradually change all 350 vehicles over to the new system during the course of the next few years.

The car phone the City of Hamburg Sanitation Department opted for is the PTCarPhone 3. It can be used in hands-free mode as well as with a handy handset. In addition, all devices include telephone directories as well as call lists and offer access to received, previously dialled and missed calls. Moreover, conference calls, switching back and forth between two active connections, using call waiting, putting calls on hold and transferring them are all useful options. The fleet manager of the Sanitation Department Hamburg is impressed by the technology’s many advantages: “It makes perfect sense,” as far as Maas is concerned.

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