The new PTCarPhone 6 with LTE, GPS and WiFi Hotspot

The new PTCarPhone 6 with LTE, GPS and WiFi Hotspot

The new PTCarPhone is “at home” in the LTE network. It has an integrated GPS module and always offers a mobile WiFi Internet connection via the new “WiFi hotspot” function.

The 6th generation of the PTCarPhone will be available from October 2019. Today you can already pre-order with the discount code PTC6PREORDER and get a special discount of 10%. Further information can be found at the end of this article.

PTCarPhone 5 available at special rates

If a stable UMTS connection and excellent voice transmission is sufficient for you and you do not need a WiFi hotspot, you can stil purchase the PTCarPhone 520 and PTCarPhone 530 (with GPS) models. For special conditions please contact our sales team (Phone +49 3328/3516

The First LTE Car Phone with Telematics Features for Fixed Installation

Thanks to LTE with multi-antenna technology, the new PTCarPhone 6 offers even better reception than its predecessors. A so-called “LTE MIMO antenna” can be connected to the two SMA ports of the electronics box.

In addition, the PTCarPhone 6 comes with VoLTE support. This significantly improves the voice and audio quality once again – both in handsfree mode and in private mode with the handset.

WiFi Hotspot – Share your Mobile Internet Connection via WiFi

With the new “WiFi hotspot” function, the PTCarPhone 6 is now also a mobile WiFi Internet access point.

Whether laptop, tablet or vehicle computer – just log into the WiFi of the PTCarPhone and you are online. Up to 10 devices can use the hotspot at the same time.

Various security settings make the WiFi hotspot as secure as your home network.

Integrated GPS Module

For the first time GPS is integrated as standard equipment in the new PTCarPhone series. As a result, various telematics functions can be used.

  • Position location
  • Route recording
  • Geofencing
  • and much more

Bridge – The new web platform

With Bridge, you can easily manage the settings and the phonebook of your PTCarPhone over the web and locate the device via GPS.

Bridge works with PTCarPhone systems of the 5th and 6th generation and is completely free of charge.

Register today at for the Early Access Program and be one of the first to use the web platform.

Extensive Range of Accessories

In addition to extension cables, loudspeakers, hands-free and gooseneck microphones, we also offer an extended range of accessories for the PTCarPhone 6.

This includes the following accessories:

  • Operating unit BE59 (New)
    Handset replacement – fixed control panel; Calls are only made in hands-free mode
  • HSU – Headset-Unit (New)
    Headset adapter with headset, 3 m cable, 3.5 mm jack plug and headset with microphone mute
  • Handset HA59
    Second handset for forwarding phone calls to the passenger cabin or as an intercom

Digital I/O Ports

The digital I/O ports provide countless options for managing, signaling and controlling external devices.

Thus, for example, a panic or emergency button can be realized, that can unnoticeably send an SMS and establish a call to previously defined numbers when triggered.

PTT (push-to-talk) function in group and conference calls can also be implemented via the I/O ports.

All I/O ports can be controlled and set remotely via the “Bridge” web portal.

Also available as a fully integrated solution – PTVoiceBox 4G

The PTCarPhone 6 is also available as a standalone communication system without a handset – as PTVoiceBox 4G.

As a mobile or stationary communication system for integration into new and existing systems, where interference-free voice and data transmission based on LTE is needed.

The system is controlled via AT commands via USB, RS-232, SMS or MQTT.

Model for North America and a Special Version for Authorities

For the first time when launching a new PTCarPhone generation, we offer a mode that supports North American LTE networks – a respondence to inquiries from these markets.

In addition, there will be a special version for authorities. We bundeled the PTCarPhone 6 with the most important accessory components for use in government vehicles and adapted the software accordingly.

Special discount for Pre-orders

We accept pre-orders starting today. Use the discount code PTC6PREORDER to get a special discount of 10% on the PTCarPhone 6. This promotion offer is valid until September 30, 2019.

For further information, please contact your personal account manager at pei tel or our sales department (Phone +49 3328/3516

Other Proven Features

  • Excellent telephony and audio quality
  • Optimal reception through various connections for external antennas
  • Stand-alone system with SIM card holder (Mini SIM 2FF)
  • Removable handset for discreet phone calls
  • 6 digital I/O ports
  • Individually adjustable restrictions
    • Incoming and outgoing calls
    • SMS messages
    • Phone number restriction (FDN function)
    • etc.
  • Programming interfaces: AT commands via USB, RS-232, SMS or MQTT
  • and much more

Service & Support

For technical questions we recommend to take a look in the FAQ.

  Go to the technical support

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