The New PTCarPhone 5 Upgrade Kits

The New PTCarPhone 5 Upgrade Kits

New members were added to the PTCarPhone 5 Series. Now there are three different Upgrade Kits for choice.

With the new upgrade kits, each PTCarPhone device can be upgraded from a previous PTCarPhone generation to a PTCarPhone 5 without running cables in the vehicle again. This saves a lot of installation effort.

The package contains an adapter cable that connects the accessories of the old PTCarPhone, such as the hands-free microphone and the speaker that are already installed in the vehicle, with the new PTCarPhone 5. Additionally, the Update Kit includes a new handset HA59 with colour display and cradle.


Highlights of the PTCarPhone 5 Series

  • First class audio quality
  • Handset with large 2.4 inch colour display
  • Simplified menu structure and improved menu navigation
  • 5,000 contacts with three phone number categories each (business, private, and mobile)
  • Six digital inputs and outputs for additional functions
  • Talking over the intercom using a second handset


Further Information and Preorder

For further information on the new PTCarPhone 5 Upgrade Kits, please take a look at our flyer. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +49 3328 – 3516 800 or

The Upgrade Kits can be preordered as of today ( All preorders will be delivered from September 1st, 2016.


Service & Support

For technical questions we recommend to take a look in the FAQ.

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