Security Update for PTCarPhone Systems

Security Update for PTCarPhone Systems

This update fixes some minor bugs and security issues. It updates the software of the PTCarPhone 3 and PTCarPhone 3c to the versions 3.09.13 (without GPS) and 3.10.13 (with GPS). The software of the PTCarPhone 4 and PTCarPhone 4c is updated to version 4.00.03 (with and without GPS).

We strongly recommend to install this software update on your PTCarPhone.

Click here to find out, how to update your PTCarPhone in only a few steps.

Changes to previous versions

  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements
  • The PTCarPhone only accepts and processes SMS commands, when the correct online password is prefixed.
  • The default online password, which is needed to send commands via SMS, CSD, or TCP data link to the PTCarPhone, now consists of the last six (6) digits of the PTCarPhone’s IMEI.
If you already have changed the online password on your PTCarPhone, the personalised online password remains unaffected by this change. The update only changes the default online password.
  • When processing SMS commands the PTCarPhone no longer differs between “master number” and “non-master number”. It only processes commands, when the correct online password is prefixed.
  • Protection against brute-force attacks via SMS: After five (5) incorrect attempts to specify the online password (via SMS), the PTCarPhone refuses the processing of further commands until the device was restarted.
  • Protection against brute-force attacks via CSD or TCP connection: After three (3) incorrect attempts to enter the online password, which is required by PTCarPhone when establishing a data link connection, the system refuses further attempts to establish a connection until it was restarted.

For more information and the detailed command descriptions for the PTCarPhone systems, see Downloads.

Service & Support

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