Refresh of the PTCarPhone 5 Product Lineup

Refresh of the PTCarPhone 5 Product Lineup

The demand for mobile data connections is growing rapidly. Therefore, the GSM network (2G) is also increasingly used for data transmission. As a result, there may be interruptions in voice connections, provided that a telephone is exclusively using the GSM network and can not switch to alternative networks such as UMTS (3G) or LTE (4G).

Against this background, we have decided, after copious consideration, to discontinue the production of the PTCarPhone 510 (uses only the GSM network) as of January 1st, 2017. Already produced PTCarPhone 510 devices can still be purchased (as long as stocks last).

The UMTS (3G) models, the PTCarPhone 520 and PTCarPhone 530, are not affected by this. Both devices support both GSM and UMTS (2G and 3G) and have no limitation even in the absence of a GSM network. The PTCarPhone 530 also has an integrated GPS module, which enables telematics functions.

To close the gap, we are working on an LTE version (4G), which will complement the product range of the PTCarPhone 5 Series. You will get more information soon.

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