New Software Update for the PTCarPhone 5 Series

New Software Update for the PTCarPhone 5 Series

On May 24, a new software update for the PTCarPhone 5 Series is available on our servers. In addition to many smaller fixes, the functions of the PTCarPhone 5 Series were extended. Therefore we are pleased to provide our partners and customers even more functions.

The new software update that has the version 5.02.08, will bring the following changes:

  • Intercom is now also available in hands-free mode
  • Extras/Purchase Features: Add extra functionalities to the phone
  • Hidden Emergency Call*
  • Toggle: Switch between two active phone calls
  • Coordinates of the current position can now be transferred in a panic SMS
  • Optimization of operation and small bug fixes

» Click here for more information about this software update

* Purchase Feature: This feature must be bought for the respective device before it can be used.

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