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The new web platform offers the convenient, central administration of individual devices, groups or entire fleets of devices of the PTCarPhone 5 Series. For this purpose, only an internet-capable device, such as a tablet, a smartphone or an ordinary computer is required.



  • No installation of additional software or hardware necessary

  • Works with all common internet-capable devices

  • Independent of the operating system or location of the computer

  • Individual interface connection to existing software possible

  • Extension of the warranty for up to 36 months at fee-based registration


With the well-arranged interface of, a single PTCarPhone or the entire PTCarPhone fleet can be equipped with a new telephone book in seconds. Also, the remote setting of device settings is only a few clicks away.


Functions at a Glance

  • Convenient management of contacts and phone books

  • Assigning speed dialling / direct dialing entries

  • Launching of software updates

  • Changing settings remotely for …
    … Operating modes (restrictions for comfortable cost control)
    … Delay-timer
    … Virtual ignition etc.

  • Controlling and setting digital inputs and outputs

  • Administrating a single device or entire device groups



For software version 5.02.14 is necessary. You can update your PTCarPhone by selecting SYSTEM > DEVICE INFO > UPDATE and entering the device code (default: “0000”).


Service & Support

For technical questions we recommend to take a look in the FAQ.

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