IAA 2016: pei tel Introduces New Features for PTCarPhone 5 Series

IAA 2016: pei tel Introduces New Features for PTCarPhone 5 Series

Making phone calls from your vehicle is now even safer and more convenient. pei tel Communications GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of high-quality communication solutions and radio accessories based in the city of Teltow (near Berlin), is now offering a new software update for the models in its PTCarPhone 5 Series. Among other things, the intercom feature, which allows communication between two separate cabins in a vehicle, can now also be used in hands-free mode; users can also “toggle,” in other words accept or refuse a new call during an ongoing call. Other new features are the “hidden emergency call” and a “panic text message,” which can now also include the precise position of the device or the vehicle with an installed PTCarPhone. pei tel will be presenting the PTCarPhone 5 Series with these new features at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover from September 22 to 29, 2016, in Hall 11 Stand B 28.

“Professional car phones offer advantages over Bluetooth solutions, and not just because of their outstanding reception and speech quality. They also have many other useful features that make them interesting for transport and logistics companies,” says Thomas Martin, managing director of pei tel. That is why the company regularly puts out updates for its car phone series. In order to make individual specialty solutions available to all users in the future, they will now be integrated directly into the software for each device and can be enabled for an additional fee. The first of these features is the “hidden emergency call”: if the special external button is pressed and held for longer than one second, the PTCarPhone connects to a phone number pre-programmed by the user. During the call, the phone’s audio output is turned off, but the hands-free microphone is enabled and the other person can hear what is going on.

The PTCarPhone 5 Series is the latest car phone series from pei tel Communications GmbH. It represents a consistent further development of the PTCarPhone family, and was first presented to the public at the Commercial Vehicles trade fair in 2014. The devices have a completely overhauled handset with a 2.4-inch color display, convenient four-way navigation and a clearly organized menu structure, which ensures simple handling and easy administration for vehicle fleets. The contacts function has been expanded from 1,000 to 5,000 entries. The already-high audio quality of the handset and hands-free equipment has been further improved. “Our professional car phones are an interesting alternative for any transport and logistics company that does not want to deal with the limitations of Bluetooth solutions. We will be explaining the benefits of our current model series to them in more detail at this year’s IAA,” explains Martin.

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