The ideal software to support fleet management

The ideal software to support fleet management

The new Phonemanager 3 software is secure and comfortable and saves time during phone setup. It is a database based Windows® application that manages and assigns phone and device settings, operation modes and contacts for one or more PTCarPhone systems by wireless synchronisation – everything is possible.

  • Phone book management for simple address and contact administration, e.g. deleting and editing
  • Setting different operation modes, e.g. blocking and unblocking access permissions
  • Over-the-Air software updates (OTA updates)

You do not need an additional modem for the Phonemanager 3 anymore. The communication between thw computer and the PTCarPhone is done via the internet and GPRS. New settings and changes will be cached on a FTP server and transfered to the PTCarPhone at a defined time after turning the PTCarPhone on. Colored states are informing abour the transmitting status of the respective settings.

The software is compatible to curretn Windows® versions (XP, Vista, 7, 8) and requires a internet connection as well as read and write permissions on a FTP server.

Article number:

  • 6999-004-000-00

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