More than just a car phone

The Intelligent Online Platform is the intelligent online platform for the administration of the PTCarPhone 5 Series over the internet.

Whether you have just one PTCarPhone or an entire vehicle fleet, this is the place to change settings comfortably, like for example the operating modes (call restrictions), or to administrate phone books. You just need a web browser and internet access.

  • No additional installation of software or hardware necessary
  • All data are encrypted for transmission and storage by current standards
  • The warranty of your device is extended by up to 36 months at fee-based registration

Digital Inputs & Outputs

6 digital Inputs & Outputs for Professional Features

The PTCarPhone 5 Series offers, like its predecessors, several connection possibilities for external devices, like for example acoustic or optical signaling equipment, which is mounted on the roof of forest machinery. In this way, incoming calls can be signaled as well on the outside of the vehicle e.g. by the lightening up of a rotating beacon or the sound of a ring tone.

Another option, which can be realized with digital I/Os, could be a panic button. When pressed, the number of a control center or police station will be dialed unnoticed to trigger an alarm.

  • 6 digital inputs and outputs
  • Freely programmable via the handset menu or via

GPS Vehicle Positioning

Ideal für Fuhrparks

In addition, the PTCarPhone 530 features the GPS function which can determine a vehicle‘s location at any time.

On for example, the position will even be displayed on a map. Or you just send an SMS with a short command sequence to the car phone and receive an SMS with the location data as reply.

This gives you a precise answer to the question “Where is my vehicle?” within a few seconds.

Mobile Internet via USB

The First Car Phone for fixed Installation with USB Internet Connection

The PTCarPhone 5 Series is the first PTCarPhone generation that offers the possibility to link up a PC via USB. The PTCarPhone can be used as a mobile modem.

Service & Support

For technical questions we recommend to take a look in the FAQ.

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