Interference-free calls


Superior hands-free call quality

The PTCarPhone system is the perfect choice to fit out a vehicle with a handsfree kit that satisfies the highest standards. All radiation is banned from the vehicle’s interior thanks to the external antenna connection, which also guarantees excellent reception. The hands-free kit’s voice quality and ease of use is unrivalled, especially for long phone calls. It is the ideal companion in the car. That’s how the PTCarPhone system surpasses all Bluetooth® solutions.

  • Optimum reception with external vehicle antenna
  • No radiation in the vehicle

Made for professionals

Reliable and high-quality

Effective echo and noise cancellation makes the PTCarPhone especially suitable for noisy driver’s cabs. It is an ideal fleet management solution for logistics firms, taxi and bus companies, car rental agencies, government agencies and organisations involved in safety and security-related tasks. All phone functions are very easy to use in both hands-free as well as in handset mode.

  • Answer or ignore calls
  • Address book and call logs
  • Access to incoming, outgoing, and missed calls
  • Call toggle, call waiting, call hold and call forwarding features

Second handset

Accessories with specific settings

A second handset is the perfect accessory for vehicles with separate passenger cabins, such as those operated by limousine or ambulance services. In emergency situations it is not only crucial to communicate lifesaving information to response teams clearly and understandably, but to be reachable at all times.

  • One system, two handsets
  • Call transfer function
  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Simple plug-and-play design
  • Individual settings: colour, brightness, contrast, and call volume

Service & Support

For technical questions we recommend to take a look in the FAQ.

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