Clear Voice & Sound Technology

Clear Voice & Sound Technology

Clear Voice & Sound Technology

With the combination of digital signal processing and precise acoustic measurements, we made the PTCarPhone what it is today – a high-quality hands-free system for retrofitting in various vehicles. The PTCarPhone represents an ideal example of our microphone technology and experience in the field of audio acoustics.

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State-of-the-art microphone technology

Leading the way in noise cancellation & signal quality

Microphones for hands-free phone use in vehicles have been an integral part of the peiker and pei tel portfolio from the start. In step with advances in microphone technology, we continuously develop our acoustic expertise in terms of signal quality and noise cancellation. We excel in several areas in particular:

  • State-of-the-art microphone technology based on decades of experience and extensive acoustic know-how
  • Outstanding expertise in digital signal processing
  • Acoustically optimised, individual designs to fit various vehicle settings

Technologie „Made in Germany”

Innovative Entwicklungen für die Fahrzeugakustik

As a specialist in professional mobile radio, pei tel Communications GmbH has focused on customer-oriented acoustic applications for in-vehicle use for years. With our groundbreaking systems and development platforms, which are used in both hands-free kits and handsets, we consistently set new technological standards, so our products deliver the quality customers expect from German craftsmanship and engineering.

  • Customised communication, information, and telematics solutions
  • Cross-product synergies and strategic partnerships
  • Production range includes everything from highly automated manufacturing to high-end handcrafted solutions
  • Innovative development and production technologies
  • Compliance with all required standards and processes

Service & Support

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