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What is the transmission power of PTCarPhone 5 Series?

The following table is showing the maximum transmission power of the PTCarPhone 5 Series in the respective network:

GSM 900: 2 Watts
GSM 1800: 1 Watts
UMTS: 0.25 Watts

A SIM card is inserted but the PTCarPhone displays Insert SIM card.

You maybe operate the device with a SIM card adapter. The SIM card tray of the PTCarPhone is designed for a Mini-SIM card (2FF). Of course, the PTCarPhone can also be operated with a Micro-SIM (3FF) or a Nano-SIM card (4 FF) and the appropriate adapter. If so, it essential to ensure that the SIM card with the adapter corresponds to the correct dimensions of a Mini-SIM card (2FF). This applies to the length and width as well as the thickness of the adapted SIM card.

If the error is still valid after that, please contact our technical support.

Is it possible to update the software of the PTCarPhone?

Yes, the PTCarPhone makes it possible to keep the software current. Find out here how to update the software of your PTCarPhone in only three steps.

How to insert special characters (* and P) for pauses and other functions?

By repeatedly pressing the *-key, you can insert pauses and perform other functions. The respective symbols represent the following functions:
* = For GSM-Commands, device codes or DTMF tones (ex: *#06#)
P = Will send the “pause” command via DTMF

Which operating system is needed to operate the PTCarPhone as an UMTS modem?

The following operating systems allow the PTCarPhone (520 and 530) to be operated as an UMTS modem:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10

For more information on the UMTS modem function, click here.

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