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    „More than just
     a car phone.”

    The new PTCarPhone 5 Series

    First-class voice quality in hands-free mode

    Optimal reception due to antenna connection

    Standalone system with SIM card holder

    Removable handset for making discrete calls

    Operating modes for controlled costs

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    Excellent voice quality in
    hands-free and private mode

    - Retrofittable car phone with hands-free system

    - Removable handset for discrete phone calls

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    Hear and to be understood -
    Quality „Made in Germany“

    - Leading in noise cancellation and signal quality

    - Innovative developments for the vehicle acoustics

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    Additional functions offering
    more than just telephony

    - Configurable operating modes (restrictions)

    - 6 digital inputs and outputs



Superior hands-free call quality

Devices of the PTCarPhone 5 Series are the perfect choice to fit out a vehicle with a hands-free system that satisfies the highest quality needs.
Thanks to the connection for an external anntenna the system guarantees excellent reception and bans all radiation from the vehicle's interior.

Interference-free calls

More than a car phone

More than a car phone

Pro features make the difference

Professional features such as the connection for a second handset, the line-out output, up to 6 digital I/Os and Windows® software for managing multiple PTCarPhone devices in fleets as well as the versatile range of accessories offer numerous connection possibilities and individually adjustable functions, which have no rival.

More than just a car phone

Reliable and high-quality

First-class audio quality

Reliable and high-quality

Due to effectively echo cancelling and ambient noise reduction as well as the support of Clear Voice & Sound, the new PTCarPhone 5 Series is perfect for loud cabs, and thus ideal suited for fleets of transport, logistics, taxi and bus companies, car rental agencies and public safety authorities and organizations

Clear Voice & Sound Technology

Service & Support

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